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Cool office spaces that rule the world

The latest modern office trend is being able to be innovative in design and maximise employee satisfaction and morale. More attention is being paid to the wellbeing of their staff and work environment, thus moving away from the cookie cutter corporate image. Here’s our pick of the top 10 office workstations from across the globe […]

Commercial Office Furniture hacks: Increase office productivity

When putting it into perspective, your employees are spending the majority of their week at their office workstations. Therefore, it’s imperative that you make your office environment as comfortable and pleasing as possible. Studies show that the make up of your office space for rent is a huge influential factor when it comes to worker […]

How to increase productivity with creative office spaces

The last thing you would want as the CEO of a company is having staff who dread coming to work – not only does it reflect poorly on the company and your ability to take care of your employees, but unmotivated feelings and deflation can reflect on their productivity and quality of their work. One way […]

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