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When putting it into perspective, your employees are spending the majority of their week at their office workstations. Therefore, it’s imperative that you make your office environment as comfortable and pleasing as possible. Studies show that the make up of your office space for rent is a huge influential factor when it comes to worker productivity and morale – furniture is a key player in this statement. You have the ability to transform your office into a vibrant space where workers are eager to walk into every morning and power through their work. Here are a few office hacks to achieve that grand office feel with just a few smart commercial office furniture choices.


Step away from the cookie-cutter cubicle look. Commercial office furniture that is organised in a way that allows collaboration between employees and the the feel of working in an open floor environment has been noted to increase productivity and worker satisfaction. Grouping desks together in clusters or using round tables has been a popular choice for many companies, as well as providing alternative work stations such as setting up lounges or communal work stations where employees can work at if they need a change of scenery from their desk. For instance, Google HQ offers spaces that almost look like living rooms – these areas actually encourage heavy employee collaboration and fester spontaneous discussion and innovations.


Ergonomics is not an uncommon word in the furniture world, especially when it comes to chairs which is one of the most crucial elements when it comes to commercial office furniture. Your workers are generally sitting down for the most part of the day so it’s important that you provide seating that has first class back, neck and leg support. If they are reasonably comfortable, their mind isn’t preoccupied with how much pain they’re in or continuously shifting in vain hope they can find the right seating position to minimise discomfort – in turn, this will allow them to properly focus on their work and increase overall productivity. Furthermore, chairs with the right support structure will ensure they’re don’t compromise their posture and have the potential for serious back problems in the future.


Aesthetics is just as important as how the furniture feels when using it. Old and worn out and mismatching furniture creates an ambiance in the environment that isn’t conducive to productivity. However on the flip side, furniture that is too bright, bold or loud can also be distracting and counterproductive. Look for furniture that is professional, but sets a nice appealing tone to your office rental. In addition, allow natural sunlight to be the main source of lighting for your office – this means plenty of windows and minimal closed off rooms. This will increase liveliness and keep your workers alert. Furthermore, studies indicate that employees who work in offices 90% natural sunlight sleep better at night rather than those who work in dark and confined spaces, which means they’ll return to work alert and ready to work. Productivity +1.

Colour scheme

Believe it or not, it’s quite possible to have an office for lease that doesn’t use a black and grey colour palette. Coordinating your furniture and office to fit a particular colour scheme to reflect your company’s theme is a popular choice and usually livens up the entire space. It’ll allow workers to be greeted in the morning with a bright and cheerful breath of colourful inspiration rather than a stale corporate look. Not only that, but it’ll create a positive first impression to walk-in clients and boost overall office morale. By valuing a company’s appearance, you allow your employees to feel proud to be working for you and thus have the motivation to work and get their jobs done.


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